First Timers information

Dry Camping is free with a multi-day festival ticket. Ticket sales here: There are guaranteed electric and full hookup spaces for sale but these sell out shortly after ticket sales begin. There are a lot of nice places for you to set up and dry camp. There are a few free 110v outlets. They are not very reliable and get overloaded quickly. There are water faucets but you should be prepared for dry camping. There are numerous restrooms and free hot showers – well normally hot. The earlier you arrive the more choices you will have.

All space is first come, first served. Camping is free form, meaning there are not designated camp sites, but there is a lot of space to set up camp. Find a tree or park by the lake. Your choice. There is one area that is designated as Quiet. Choose this area if you don’t want to be next to an all-night jam. There is a “Tent Only” area. There are Handicap areas. Reservations accepted until February 28. If you do not have a reservation, check map and look for available spots upon arrival.

There is a hay wagon (without the hay) going around all day and night to the main stage and concession area. If you want a ride, jump on. If you want to walk, it’s not far from camping to Main Stage and Concessions.

There is an ice wagon that goes around and an ice booth if you miss the wagon.

The company that maintains the porta potties will pump holding tanks for a fee.

This is a kid-friendly festival. Check out the links to the list of available youth activities. Kids meet here and become friends for life.

Concessions are numerous and varied: Food, instruments, merchandise.

The ice cream stand in the back of the main stage area has handmade bars and cones – too good to be legal.

Music, oh yes there is music. There are three stages – Main, Vern’s, and Pioneer (schedules are posted on this site) with some of the best bluegrass, old-time, and gospel you will hear anywhere. But there is also the campground. Here you will find some of the finest musicians, in their element, doing what they love to do. The music is not over when the last band leaves the stage at night – no, it is just beginning. Don’t miss the midnight jamming by the hotdog stand in the middle of the campground. Walk around the whole campground. Stop and listen to a group playing something you like. It is ok to walk up to the group and watch/listen. It is fine to talk to the musicians between songs.

Check the other tabs on this website for additional info and have fun.